Business Ethics


Every decision and conduct that we make reflects ethical and social
standards beyond mere economical and legal responsibilities.
'Ethical management' recognizes not only companies' financial and legal
responsibilities, but also their ethical responsibilities to society at large.

Our 'compliance' activities do not stop with laws and regulations, but extend to improving
corporate competitiveness and enterprise value by addressing inappropriate practices and cost
structures. We understand that it is in the fundamental interest of the company to maintain
the principles of fairness, transparency and mutual respect in all its relationships and dealings.

Moreover, our company is dedicated to being a positive force in the development of society
and supporting the growth and well being of the communities in which we operate.

Hyundai Capital Compliance

현대캐피탈 컴플라이언스 다이어그램
윤리경영 안에 준법경영이 포함되어 있습니다.
자선적 책임 : 지역사회 공헌
윤리적 책임 : 윤리적 기준 준수
법적 책임 : 법/규제 준수
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Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics spells out the principles to be observed in working with
colleagues, business partners and other interested parties.
All executives and employees are expected to make customer satisfaction and
maximization of shareholder value top priority in all their activities.
The company and its employees must dedicate themselves to sound ethical values and
diligently carry out their duties by complying with laws and basic ethical codes.

  • Local community and Government agencies
    Social Responsibilities
    Fulfillment of social responsibilities
    Maintenance of political neutrality
  • Partner companies and competitors
    Fair execution of work
    Transparent business relations with partner companies
    Prohibition of conflict of interests
    Protection of company assets
    Fair competition
    Protection of customer interests
    Service for customer satisfaction
    Protection of customer information
    Corporate responsibilities toward employees
    Fair treatment
    Fostering of talent
    Management of internal whistle-blowing system
    Mutual respect between employees
    Practicing work etiquette
    Prohibition of sexual harassment
    Protection of Shareholders' interests
    Increase in corporate value
    Enhancement of international credit standing
    Transparent accounting
    Respect for shareholders’ opinion

Zero Tolerance Policy

Particularly, we enforce the three fundamental policies below. Our Zero Tolerance Policy requires
that violators of these principles are disciplined without exception.

Hyundai Capital Z.T.P
Customer Information Protection
Transparency of Partner Companies
Antitrust Protection

Major Activities

The company established organization, system and
takes regular training, monitoring for ethical management activities.

  • Training
    Common mandatory training
    (Joint sessions on compliance, information security, etc.)
    Mandatory training once a year
    Specialized training
    Specialized compliance Training by business
    PC announcement window
    Repetitive training is provided through PC announcements
  • Establishment of Regulations/systems
    Compliance report system
    Each month, information is shared on the compliance status of every department
    Compliance committee
    A meeting is held to share information on compliance issues
    Reporting channels
    Various channels for reporting Ombudsperson system and cyber auditing
  • Monitoring
    Field inspection
    On-site & themed inspections to review regulatory compliance
    Self-check process
    Provide consulting on control improvements based on business teams' self-check results
    Various reporting systems
    Provision and receipt of gifts or entertainment, conduct that causes conflict of interests, contact with competitors, etc


  1. 2014 ~ Present
  2. 2009 ~ 2013
  3. 2001 ~ 2008
  1. 2021.12 Acquired compliance management system certification (ISO 37301)
  2. 2020.09 Implemented HCS ESG policy(Human rights charter, Ethics charter and Code of conduct)
  3. 2020.02 Expanded and improved voluntary reporting program
  4. 2019.07 Established internal policy and improved whistleblowing program in accordance with the enforcement of Act on Prohibition of Harassment in the Workplace
  5. 2018.11 Implemented protection program for customer service employees
  6. 2018.09 Launched dashboard system to prevent misselling
  7. 2017.07 Implemented mandatory leave program for financial incident prevention
  8. 2017.01 Introduced reporting of financial investment product(stocks etc.) transactions by employees for prevention of unfair practices
  9. 2016.09 Adopted policy and process for the protection of customer service employees
  10. 2016.09 Implemented guideline for product development∙sales
  11. 2016.01 Enforced stricter CDD(checking beneficial owner) to comply with amended AML laws
  12. 2015.11 Hosted Compliance Campaign ‘Come Play’ (videos created by employees, compliance quiz)
  13. 2015.04 Introduced Compliance 3 Strikes System
  14. 2015.04 Created Product Review Council for consumer protection (NPI)
  15. 2015.02 Opened Internal Control ERP
  16. 2014.10 Established Vendor Management Program
  17. 2014.07 Hosted Compliance UCC Contest
  18. 2014.06 Held Compliance Remind Campaign(Employee Code of Conduct, transparent relations with vendors, conflict of interest, using SNS)
  1. 2013.12 Adopted leniency system
  2. 2013.11 Ran a Compliance Remind Campaign(anti-cartel, customer information protection)
  3. 2013.10 Set up hotline for reporting from external parties
  4. 2013.07 Created & distributed sexual harassment casebook
  5. 2013.05 Opened the integrated personal information file management system
  6. 2013.03 Established and implemented operating policy for advertisements
  7. 2013.02 Provided specialized compliance training
  8. 2012.10 Established the business continuity management system
  9. 2011.08 Provided Compliance School course
  10. 2011.04 Selected the third group of ombudspersons
  11. 2011.02 Provided special training in relation to the Credit Information Act
  12. 2010.12 Received an A Grade for the voluntary fair trade compliance program
  13. 2010.09 Training was provided to department managers on fair trade, including prevention of collusion
  14. 2010.08 Revised and distributed the voluntary fair trade compliance manual
  15. 2010.04 Compliance training was provided to base organization managers
  16. 2010.03 Strengthened the ombudsperson system
  17. 2009.12 Sent an official document for establishment of transparent transaction practices with partner companies
  18. 2009.12 Issued the Compliance Guideline
  19. 2009.05 Implemented a cyber course for intensified compliance training
  20. 2009.03 Implemented the second, expanded ombudsperson system
  21. 2009.02 Received an A Grade for the voluntary fair trade compliance program
  1. 2008.11 Became the first financial institution to receive ISO2007 certification in 'customer information protection category'
  2. 2008.09 Revised and distributed the voluntary fair trade compliance manual
  3. 2007.11 Implemented the ombudsperson system
  4. 2007.11 Provided video training on compliance regulations
  5. 2007.01 Implemented the sexual harassment counseling system
  6. 2006.08 Revised the voluntary fair trade compliance manual
  7. 2006.06 Established and implemented the compliance inquiry system
  8. 2005.10 Provided a compliance enhancement course to all employees
  9. 2005.10 Disclosed and publicized the compliance logo
  10. 2005.05 Opened a dedicated internal website on compliance
  11. 2004.11 Provided special training on ethical management to managers
  12. 2004.06 Provided training on fair trade
  13. 2003.11 Implemented a system on providing customer information to outside parties
  14. 2003.09 Provided a cyber ethical management course
  15. 2003.05 Implemented a written pledge on work ethics compliance
  16. 2003.04 Enforced the zero tolerance policy
  17. 2002.11 Adopted the Compliance Program (CP)
  18. 2002.10 Created a voluntary fair trade compliance manual
  19. 2002.04 Appointed compliance manager
  20. 2001.08 Operated the internal control system and compliance manager system

ESG Policies

  • Ethics Charter & Code of Conduct
  • Human Rights Charter
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Diversity & Inclusion Policy