As the captive finance company of Hyndai Motor Group(HMG), Hyundai Capital Services(HCS) shares the Group’s values that seek to ensure quality time for its customers, while also striving to play a pivotal role as a financial leader in the efforts to attain greater prosperity and freedom for all through the evolution of mobility. To this end, we have captured our fundamental purpose and the future we envision in the below Vision Statement.

Global Leader in Mobility Finance

Vision signifies our steadfast commitment to becoming a true global leader, spearheading HMG’s future strategy of building “a World of Mobility” on the global stage through finance, the essence of what we do.

Introduced below are four key business strategies for achieving this vision:

  • Be a global top-tier captive finance partner

    HCS is Korea’s one and only global finance company, conducting business in 14 countries around the world.
    Making further advances into the global market in tandem with HMG’s global-oriented strategy,
    HCS will continue to perform its role as the Group’s captive financier and thereby join the ranks of top-tier players in the global finance market.

  • Provide financial solutions optimized for future mobility

    Going beyond the existing roles of finance for gasoline engine automobiles, HCS is striving to offer financial solutions optimized for EVs, hydrogen vehicles and other green cars, as well as those for future mobility technologies such as self-driving cars, UAM, and PBV.
    This way, we hope to bring forward the realization of HMG’s mobility ecosystem, which aims to build a world of greater prosperity and freedom through evolution of mobility.

  • Innovate the business model through data analytics and digitalization

    We are stepping up digital transformation across the entire business spectrum, and to innovate business models by building up our data science & digital capabilities. Such efforts will enable us to provide a seamless customer journey from vehicle purchasing to financing.

  • Secure new growth engines through strategic partnerships and technology investments

    By investing in new technologies such as data, AI, block chain, and virtual assets, and forming partnerships with pioneering fintech and platform businesses, we are endeavoring to nurture future technology capabilities, and to create new growth engines by reinventing existing busine ss models and exploring fresh business opportunities.