Hyundai Capital Services became the first private company issuing ESG bonds in 2016 and has used them as the source for loans that are offered to customers purchasing eco-friendly cars such as electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. As of the end of 2023, Hyundai Capital Services issued ESG bonds worth KRW 6.1 trillion cumulatively, of which KRW 3.4 trillion bonds were issued in foreign currencies, contributing to the spread of eco-friendly vehicles not just in Korea but across the globe. In addition, in 2022, Hyundai Capital Services became the first credit finance company that pre-emptively issued ESG bonds applying
K-Taxonomy which was introduced in 2023. In July, 2023, Hyundai Capital Services issued KRW 220 billion Sustainability-Linked Bonds for the first time in Korea. It laid the foundation for Hyundai Capital to sharpen its competitive edge to issue ESG bonds.

ESG bond issuance size by year

[ESG bond issuance size by year] 2016 total 600BN, Offshore 600BN / 2019 total 1400BN, Offshore 900BN, Onshore 500BN / 2020 total 2300BN, Offshore 1400BN, Onshore 900BN / 2021 total 3600BN, Offshore 2100BN, Onshore 1500BN / 2022 total 4600BN, Offshore 2700BN, Onshore 1900BN / 2023 total 6100BN, Offshore 3400BN, Onshore 2700BN
Financing under Sustainable Framework
Market Year/Month Type Currency Amount Framework External Review Reporting

Since launching the financial product exclusively for electric vehicles(EVs) for the first time in the industry in 2015, Hyundai Capital has played a leading role in increasing the adoption of eco-friendly vehicles including electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. In recognition of the effort for environmental protection, Hyundai Capital was awarded a commendation from Minister of Environment in 2016 for the first time in the industry, and has been actively participating in K-EV 100, a project organized by the Ministry of Environment that encourages private companies to switch all their corporate vehicles to EVs by 2030. In addition, we have made sustained efforts to accelerate the spread of electric vehicles and running various promotions for EVs such as low interest rate installment, EV charging fee discount promotion, etc. Going forward, as a responsible captive financier for Hyundai, Genesis and Kia, Hyundai Capital will lead the effort to increase the adoption of green vehicles by continuously improving eco-friendly auto finance services.

Recent 3 year sales size of financial products for eco-friendly vehicles

[Recent 3 year sales increase% of financial products for eco-friendly vehicles] 2019년 3300BN, 7K / 2020 4800BN, 11K / 2021 6800BN 18K / 2022 9300BN 27K / 2023 12000BN 35K