• Employee Leave Policy image

    Employee Leave Policy

    Annual/employer-provided leave, leave for life events, long service leave
    Childbirth leave, year-end holiday

  • Housing support image

    Housing support

    Home mortgage and key-money loans
    Employer-provided housing (only when moving to a new city)

  • Self-development support image

    Self-development support

    Foreign language classes
    Cost to obtain certificates

  • Child support image

    Child support

    On-site childcare offered to preschool children
    High school/college tuition and fees and child education cost

  • Employee vehicle purchase program image

    Employee vehicle purchase program

    Employee car purchase subsidized by the company (Hyundai/Kia vehicles)

  • Culture & Life image

    Culture & Life

    Accommodations in popular tourist attractions at discounted rates offered to employees
    Employee hobby clubs

  • Health Care image

    Health Care

    Regular health check-ups for employees
    Medical cost, Employee Care insurance and group accident insurance

  • Other benefits image

    Other benefits

    Birthday/big family holidays gifts (gift card, department store certificate, etc.)
    Life events support