ESG Direction

As captive financial arm of Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Capital tries to lead the mobility world that Hyundai Motor Group envisions through finance, and makes efforts to join the ranks of top-tier players in the global finance market. To this end, Hyundai Capital incorporates Hyundai Motor Group’s social responsibility message “The Right Move for the Right Future” in all areas of business management and is actively joining the Group on its journey towards “A better future for customers and humanity”. Hyundai Capital became the first private company issuing Green bonds in 2016, joined the UN Global Compact in 2022 and participated in K-Taxonomy-applied pilot project(organized by the Ministry of Environment), and will continue to perform activities to build a sustainable future together with various stakeholders including executives & employees, local communities, customers, and partners.

Hyundai Motor Group’s social sustainability Message

The Right Move for the Right Future - Move for our Planet / Move for our People / Move for our Community

“A sustainable future is the duty to pursue for the next generation and the basic rights for people on the planet to enjoy. Hyundai Motor Group will make the right change through the right action for all to enjoy the desirable future that everyone envisions.”

Hyundai Capital Services (HCS) has set the mid/long-term directions in the areas of Environment, Society, and Governance in line with Hyundai Motor Group’s ESG stratefic direction in order to fulfill the social responsibility message of “Right Movement for Sustainable Future. HCS has defined focused areas in each stream and is making effort to internalize them in the overall business management.

Social Responsibility Message

The Right Move for the Right Future

Mid/long-term Direction
Move for Our PlanetThe Right Movement for Our Planet
  • Carbon neutral & energy transition
  • Environmentally-friendly products & service development:
  • Environmentally-friendly workplace
Move for Our PeopleInternal Stakeholders, The Right Way for Our Growth
  • Promotion of diversity & engagement
  • Human rights protection & respect
  • Innovation of corporate culture
  • Expansion of talent growth experiences
  • Internalization of safety and health
Move for Our CommunityExternal Stakeholders, The Right for Our Growth
  • Expansion of impact of social contribution
  • Customer experience & product satisfaction
  • Implementation of sustainable supply chain
  • Future job creation
Move for Enhanced fair GovernanceInteranl∙External Stakeholders, The Right Behavior for Fair Governance
  • Soundness of BOD
  • ESG-based decision-making system
Definitions of Focused Areas
  • Carbon neutral & energy transition: establishment of a carbon neutral structure and achievement vs. target
  • Environmentally-friendly products & service development: eco-friendly product sales increases, target achievements, and activities
  • Environmentally-friendly workplace: Reduction of wastes and pollutants
  • Promotion of diversity & engagement: female managers, the disabled, ratio of male and female salaries
  • Human rights protection & respect: inspection of human rights risk at workplace, due diligence, countermeasures and activities
  • Innovation of corporate culture: scores of corporate culture assessment, corporate culture-related activities
  • Expansion of talent growth experiences: education hours, investment in education, talent growth program
  • Internalization of safety and health: increases/decreases in accident rates, level of safety and health structure implementation
  • Soundness of BOD: ratio of outside directors, female directors, expertise of directors
  • ESG-based decision-making system: level of implementation of ESG-based business decision-making system

Hyundai Capital Services (HCS) has been strengthening the ESG governance for systematic ESG business management. Following assigning ESG-dedicated Team and resources in 2022, HCS formed an ESG working-level committee and created an ESG Committee in 2023 to discuss current status and issues of ESG. The ESG Committee consists of executives related to ESG and as an enterprise-wide committee, the ESG Committee makes decisions upon key ESG initiatives, discusses main issues, and reports the items discussed to CEO. As can be seen, HCS has the ESG Committee under CEO and ESG Team in operation in order to systematically manage the status and progress of main initiatives in ESG business management.

CEO - Establish ESG vision/objectives/strategy, Makes a major decision in ESG. ESG Committee - Decide focused areas of ESG, Review performance in focused areas and discuss issues. ESG-dedicated Team - Manage ESG and serve as a control tower, Communicate on ESG. ESG Working-level Committee - Identify and execute ESG initiatives, Collect and manage ESG Data