Cyber Auditing

사이버 감사실이란?

Cyber Auditing is a place that employees can receive counsel and report instances
of unfairness or corruption within the workforce. The system establishes ethical
management as the company's flagship priority and promotes high standards of value
and conduct. We receive types of complaints and reports as in below.

Types of Misconduct

  • Embezzlement of public funds
  • Unfair transactions in accordance with regionalism and school relations
  • Requests for money or gift
  • Irrational working practices
  • Sexual harassment
  • Corporate-culture-damaging conducts
  • Inappropriate leakage of customer information
  • Misuse or abuse of authority
  • Miscellaneous violations of the Code of Conduct

Protection of Advisee and Reporter

Our HR professionals adhere to a strict policy of
confidentiality wherein identities of those providing information are withheld,
and protection of individual privacy is the top priority.

  • Commitment to
    employee protection
    For those who step forward to provide information, our HR policy strictly prohibits the imposition of punishment or work disadvantages. Indeed, employees will be commended for their decision to report unethical activity.
  • Guarantee of anonymity
    We will not disclose information regarding the identity of an advisee or reporter. Throughout the process, we are committed to protecting individual confidentiality.
  • Protection of victims
    Victims' identities are completely protected - with no data (including reports) mentioning the victim's real name. If the victim is an internal employee, the victim can request a department transfer or paid leave for smooth company life.