Jobs and Careers at Hyundai Capital

  • Corporate Strategy
    Corporate Strategy comes up with mid-to-long-term business and brand strategies home and abroad and monitors whether each business aligns on big-picture goals. It performs market, competitor and industry analysis and creates a strategic vision by identifying key strategic initiatives that will lead to the drivers of future growth in line with Hyundai Motor Group's strategic vision. Corporate Strategy also makes the effort to stay ahead of issues inside and outside the company and make suggestions about how organizations can work together better not only at Hyundai Capital, but also in Hyundai Motor Group.
  • Data Science
    Data Science forecasts customer propensity and innovates customer experience based on its data analytics capabilities in the face of huge amount of data generated every day. It leverages machine learning and AI modeling to forecast future values and uncover insights to help the company set a strategic direction. As the team members of Data Science look after data-driven development/business in a finance company dealing with diverse data, they can benefit from trying different things that might not be experienced in other industries.
  • Digital Development
    Digital Development looks after front-end development and operations of Hyundai Capital app services. It analyzes and finds a development environment that would fit the mobile channel the best and keeps enhancing its structure to increase productivity. Digital Development Department offers an opportunity for its team members not only to learn and apply different front-end technologies, but also to implement new UIs by adopting new technologies.
  • IT
    IT leads the effort to manage IT systems for financial services and set an IT strategic direction at domestic and overseas entities based on its professional skills. It offers an opportunity to its team members to have firsthand experience in designing and building IT systems for financial services that a global company needs to be equipped with by analyzing key technologies and trends in both the domestic and overseas markets. By joining IT Department, one can become a 'global process innovator' who plans and realizes convergence of business and tech.
  • Information Security
    Information Security responds to data breaches and cyber security threats and comes up with solutions tackling security issues of the organization to keep the company's information safe and secure. Information Security Department is committed to keeping security threats at bay by responding to the wide variety of security incidents, conducting penetration tests, analyzing APT(Advanced Persistent Threat)s, etc. and playing the role of creating a security system driven by new digital technologies including cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Product Planning/Marketing [New Car]
    The Department looks after creation and execution of sales strategies of 'auto finance products', the foundation of Hyundai Capital business. It plans products that suit customer lifecycle and financial services trends by analyzing auto finance markets home and abroad, performs marketing activities and offers finance solutions that can satisfy customer needs to boost customer satisfaction. With successful collaboration with Sales Divisions at Hyundai Motor/Kia in particular, the Department offers an opportunity to its members to grow into an expert capable of leading the global mobility finance market.
  • Product Planning/Marketing [Used Car]
    As Hyundai Capital is Hyundai Motor Group CPO(Certified Pre-Owned) car program's official captive finance, the Department creates product/marketing strategies to help Hyundai Capital solidify its position as the leader in the rapidly growing used car market. Its collaboration with large used car platform providers enables growth and digitalization of the entire processes increases customer convenience. The Department also creates strategies to boost profitability and makes an all-out effort to develop new products which lead to new profit opportunities. By joining the Department, one can grow into a marketer who can lead the market together with Hyundai Capital taking the lead in bringing innovation to the used car market.
  • Auto B2B Business
    The Department creates and executes marketing and sales strategies to offer auto finance products to business customers(large, small-and-medium-sized businesses, rent-a-car and taxi companies). It plays the role of finding the drivers of future growth and turning them into a business by pioneering new markets like the EV market. The Department offers an opportunity to its team members not only to experience the traditional auto finance business through collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group, but also to win in emerging markets and develop/improve skills needed to prepare for the future.
  • Auto Service
    As more customers are moving away from vehicle ownership towards vehicle availability, Hyundai Capital is staying strong as the leader by expanding its business into leasing and rental. Auto Service Department plans lease and rental products that suit customer and car lifecycles and offers services, so one can have a broad spectrum of experience in the areas such as purchase, registration, insurance, transport, add-on services, etc. required to run a leasing and rental business by joining the Department.
  • Finance Business Planning
    Finance Business Planning looks after planning of finance business which is Hyundai Capital's primary source of profit. Since the Department plans/carries out new finance business activities, finds new business opportunities with market research and plans finance products that fit the needs of customers, one can grow into a finance expert when joining the Department. A fee-based biz, one of the new businesses the Department looks after, offers different financial services including a loan comparison platform, downsell, insurance, etc.
  • Auto Online Finance
    As Hyundai Capital is the leader in the non-face-to-face auto finance market, the Department creates a mid-to-long-term strategic vision for the company's auto online business. It is engaging in marketing activities to make customers keep coming back to Hyundai Capital by creating and executing a differentiated membership strategy. The Department is also exploring new online-driven business opportunities to have the new mobility-led growth drivers. As the Department's entire business activities are online/digital, one can experience and learn auto finance online marketing and digital processes overall to become an expert in the field.
  • Risk Management
    The Department aims at creating risk strategies based on credit assessment of customers, checking their finance eligibility and offering a credit limit that suits their credit ratings/affordability/income stability. It also creates Hyundai Capital's product-specific underwriting strategies and standards and develops models to set and assess residual value of vehicles returned after leasing/rental. It requires one to have the ability to understand what is going to happen and make reasonable decisions to work in Risk Management Department. One can grow into an expert, if they are committed to exploring and learning new skills and ready to take the initiative.
  • CS
    Customer Service Department looks after customer touchpoints ranging from underwriting to customer interactions and settlement and manages service quality. It analyzes external market conditions and business trends to maintain a high level of service quality that customers experience at touchpoints and builds/offers advanced and standardized digital-driven operations strategies. It also helps the company enhance its business competitiveness by leading strategies to boost OP excellency and cost efficiently from an enterprisewide perspective.
  • Collections
    Collections Department looks after analysis of data including finance market conditions, customer behavior patterns, etc. to manage credit risk and creates actions plans to control delinquency rates, loss rates, etc. based on the analysis results. Its team members preemptively identify credit risk by looking at the entire processes and products involved in customer lifecycle and play the role of protecting the company's profits from an enterprisewide perspective. As the Department is shifting its decision-making structure to leverage AI and machine learning more, one can grow into an expert in digital project planning and management by joining the Department.
  • Global Business Planning/Management
    The Department looks after planning and operations of auto finance product strategies in the countries that Hyundai Motor/Kia are operating to help them boost their sales overseas. It creates operational strategies for the countries that Hyundai Capital is already operating and roadmaps to enter new markets based on country-specific analysis of car sales and finance trends, regulations in the finance sector, etc. The Department also takes the lead in communicating with global entities by running decision making bodies (BoD, general shareholders meeting) to quickly allow effective discussions with them and in creating/managing governance policies. One can become sought after talent equipped with a global perspective and competence by acquiring knowledge and experience in global business while working in the Department.
  • Corporate Management
    The Department looks after enterprisewide profit and loss management and is responsible for the company's financial health by managing tax/accounting/budget. It plays the roles of coordinating and supporting diverse business activities of the company to make sure they proceed smoothly and helps the company set and achieve reasonable goals by monitoring business-specific performance and issues.
  • Treasury
    For a finance company taking no deposit, stable/efficient funding is more important than anything else. The Department makes sure the company's credit rating is the highest level and creates liquidity policies to manage its borrowings in a stable and efficient manner. It also monitors domestic and overseas money markets and engages in funding activities and investment attraction that better meet the needs of the company.
  • HR
    HR is a crucial part of organizational DNA. It is no exaggeration to say that what makes or breaks an organization depends on what kind of talent it decides to attract and what kind of corporate culture it wants to create. The Department finds the right talent looking at individual capabilities and supports employees to achieve performance efficiently and grow further by running innovative HR schemes to put the right people in the right place and evaluate them.
  • Corporate Culture
    The Department is committed to boosting employee satisfaction by creating Hyundai Capital's own way of working and striking the right balance between work and life. It strives to help employees work in a more efficient way and to this end, offers necessary training/benefits /infrastructure, etc. for them to experience. One can grow into a 'corporate culture expert' who can lead the growth of a company in the rapidly changing business environment.
  • PR (Public Relations)
    Being responsible for Company’s PR, the PR Team plans differentiated content and communicates with internal and external stakeholders in order to effectively deliver Hyundai Capital Services’ philosophy and businesses. In the PR Team, you can experience and understand Hyundai Capital Services’ entire functions including corporate strategy/product/marketing/finance/corporate culture and grow as an expert having the capabilities for planning and communications.