Corporate Culture


Two-way communication between leaders and employees creates an organizational culture that facilitates communication and interactions at work.

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Townhall Meetings
Enterprisewide and Divisional Townhall Meetings offer opportunities for Hyundai Capital employees to communicate with the CEO and division heads and understand the company's strategy and vision that top management shares when needed.
Communication Lounge
It is where employees can have meetings and communicate freely.
Employee Hobby Clubs
Hyundai Capital helps its employees run a variety of hobby clubs and supports their activities, so employees can socialize by interacting and learning together with their colleagues.


Hyundai Capital offers work arrangements and environments where employees can have flexibility and autonomy.

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Office hoteling
Employees choose where they want to be seated everyday depending on whether they need to communicate or collaborate more for the day.
Flex time
It allows employees to vary their work hours and choose their arrival/ departure times.
Flex lunch break
It allows employees to take a one-hour lunch break at any time they want during the day.


Hyundai Capital takes care of employees' physical, emotional and mental health and cares about their families.

Care image
Care Zone
(Health Care / Mind Care / Mom's Care)
Hyundai Capital offers on-site health clinic/counselling/lactation room to improve employee care.
Chill-out zones (Blue Lounge, Fun Zone)
Employees can chill out in Blue Lounge where they can enjoy specialty coffee and books and in Fun Zone where they can relieve stress at work.
Dodam childcare
The on-site childcare takes care of employees' children to help them stay safe and happy.
The Castle Supporters
Hyundai Capital employees and their families show their support for Hyundai Capital Skywalkers Volleyball Club in the games it plays.