Global Business Overview

Hyundai Capital is one of the leading lenders in Korea, retaining its number one position
in the auto financing industry since 1996 when it first started installment loan business.
It offers differentiated financing products and services in the financial services areas covering unsecured loans and mortgages, mainly in auto financing.

Hyundai Capital has 12 entities and 1 branch in 11 countries around the world including
the US, China, the UK, Germany, etc. as a captive finance of Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors under the slogan of ‘Global One Company’.

With the launch of ‘Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil’ or BHCB in May 2019,
Hyundai Capital is also contributing to Hyundai Motor Group's effort to expand into Latin American market.

Hyundai Capital has positioned itself as a global financial company with 5,300 global employees and 73 trillion won in global assets
(47 trillion Korean won in overseas assets).


Company Overview

Hyundai Capital is building a successful overseas business through joint ventures with leading foreign financial companies.

  • Financial Company : Company providing auto financing products to customers.
  • Consulting Company : Company providing financial consulting services between local OEM sales offices and bank partners.
  • Branch : Branch reviewing business opportunities in new markets.
Company Overview
USA Hyundai Capital America(HCA)
Canada Hyundai Capital Canada(HCCA)
Company Overview
Russia Hyundai Capital Russia(HCR)
India Hyundai Capital India(HCIN)
Australia Hyundai Capital Australia(HCAU)
Germany Hyundai Capital Europe(HCE)
Brazil Hyundai Capital Brazil(HCB)
Company OverView
(Joint Venture)
China Beijing Hyundai Auto Finance(BHAF)
JV Partner : BAIC
(Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co.,Ltd.)
UK Hyundai Capital UK(HCUK)
JV Partner : Santander
Germany Hyundai Capital Bank Europe(HCBE)
JV Partner : Santander
Brazil Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil(BHCB)
JV Partner : Santander
Business OverView
Branch Singapore Hyundai Capital Service Inc.
Singapore Branch(HCSB)