CI Introduction


The logomark of Hyundai Capital is the most important element in communication with its customers,
which represents the unique image of Hyundai Capital.
The use of the logomark shall be from a digital file in principle,
in unavoidable circumstances such as large signboards that require enlargement,
grid rules shall be followed to prevent errors in its basic format.
For legibility and attention, the logomark shall be placed in a clear space set apart from other visual elements.
The rules regarding minimum space based on the height of the logomark shall be followed.
The minimum size is set based on the minimal legible size
- it shall be followed in order to avoid misuse.

Hyundai Capital CI
  • Clear Space Hyundai Capital CI
  • Minimum Size Hyundai Capital CI

Color System

Primary Colors

Hyundai Capital blue Pantone 660C CMYK  80/50/0/0 RGB  47/121/217 HEX  #2F7909

Secondary Colors

  • Light Gray Pantone Cool Gray 1C CMYK  0/0/0/16 RGB  220/220/220 HEX  #DCDCDC
  • Medium Gray Pantone Cool Gray 4C CMYK  0/0/0/30 RGB  190/190/190 HEX  #BEBEBE
  • Dark Gray Pantone Cool Gray 9C CMYK  0/0/0/65 RGB  120/120/120 HEX  #777777