Company Overview

Hyundai Capital is Korea's leading credit-specialized financial company that has maintained its undisputed No.1 position in the auto finance market since it started the installment financing business for the first time in Korea in 1996.

As the financial arm for Hyundai Motor Company, KIA, and Genesis, Hyundai Capital provides financial services and products such as credit loans and mortgage loans, with a focus on auto finance.

Hyundai Capital is actively pursuing digital transformation in all business areas. We are leading digital innovation in the auto finance industry by strengthening data science and digital capabilities. Under the vision ‘Global Leader in Mobility Finance’, Hyundai Capital is the largest global financial company in Korea operating 15 entities and 2 branches in 14 countries around the world.

In line with the Hyundai Motor Group's overseas business strategy, Hyundai Capital is successfully performing its role as the captive finance company of the Group, and through such efforts, it has achieved a remarkable performance of achieving KRW 130 trillion in global assets.

In 2023, Korea Investors Service, NICE Credit Ratings, and Korea Ratings, the three major credit rating agencies in Korea, changed Hyundai Capital's credit ratings from AA Stable to AA Positive. Also, Moody's, one of the world's top three credit rating agencies, raised the credit rating outlook from Baa1 (stable) to Baa1 (positive), recognizing Hyundai Capital's solid financial stability and its excellent procurement capabilities.

Going forward, Hyundai Capital will continue to take on new challenges around the world.

Company Report
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Corporate History

  1. 2023~Present
  2. 2021~2022
  3. 2018~2020
  4. 1993~2017
  1. 2023.09 Selected as a target company for the "Asian Bond Revitalization Program" organized by Singapore's Monetary Authority (MAS)
  2. 2023.08 Hyundai Capital Services and GS Caltex signs memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen cooperation in the electric vehicle sector
  3. 2023.08 Offered opportunities to realize shareholder value for minority shareholders through share buybacks worth KRW 11.2 billion
  4. 2023.07 Launched 'E-FINANCE', financial program dedicated to electric vehicles
  5. 2023.07 Provided financial support for customers affected by storm damage
  6. 2023.07 Issued Sustainable Linked Bonds (SLB) Public Offering worth a total of KRW 220 billion for the first time in Korea
  7. 2023.07 Hyundai Capital App revamp user experience (UX)
  8. 2023.06 Hyundai Capital Canada (HCCA), U.S. JD Power's "No. 1 local dealer satisfaction"
  9. 2023.05 Launched 'Hybrid Low Rate Installment for Kia' product
  10. 2023.04 Issued green bonds worth 200 million Swiss Fran
  11. 2023.04 Achieved triple-crown of credit rating upgrade from Korea’s top three credit rating agencies
  13. 2023.03 Fitch raised outlook for Hyundai Capital Services’ ratings
  14. 2023.03 First in the financial sector to issue KRW 600 billion worth of green bonds in accordance with ‘K-Taxonomy’
  15. 2023.03 Hyundai Capital Services’ NICE credit rating rose to AA+
  16. 2023.02 Moody’s raised outlook for Hyundai Capital Services’ ratings
  17. 2023.02 Announced New Corporate Vision 2023 (Global Leader in Mobility Finance)
  18. 2023.02 Launched 2nd-tier customer panels including senior citizens for the first time in the industry
  19. 2023.02 First Korean financial company to win the "International Artificial Intelligence Society" >Innovative Artificial Intelligence Application Award<
  20. 2023.02 launched floating rate new car installment product for the first time in the industry
  1. 2022.12 Receives ‘Customer Centered Management (CCM)’ certification
  2. 2022.11 Signs MOU with Korea Inclusive Finance Agency to support financially alienated class
  3. 2022.10 Issues 20 billion yen worth samurai bonds
  4. 2022.10 Launches customer protection early warning system ‘Canary Maestro (CAM) 2.0’
  5. 2022.10 Launches Casper-exclusive lease program
  6. 2022.10 Open new graduate recruitment for the second half of 2022
  7. 2022.09 HQ relocated to the 'Grand Central' building near Seoul station
  8. 2022.09 HCS-Kamco signed a business agreement to support vulnerable and overdue borrowers
  9. 2022.08 HCS app upgrades to 'automotive specialized financial information platform'
  10. 2022.07 Interest-free installment plan product launch
  11. 2022.07 HCS joined UNGC
  12. 2022.06 Issues CHF-denominated bonds worth 200 million
  13. 2022.04 Introduces platform based “Convenient Loan Comparison” service
  14. 2022.03 Launches Hyundai Capital App 2.0
  15. 2022.03 Issues AUD-denominated bonds worth 200 million
  16. 2022.03 Coordinates financial services consumer panel for the first time in the industry
  17. 2022.02 Launches low interest rate promotion for use of all models of Hyundai Motor, Genesis, and KIA
  18. 2022.01 Issues USD-denominated bonds worth 700 million
  19. 2022.01 Enters French market in cooperation with Societe Generale Group
  20. 2022.01 Extends long term rental ‘K-Solution’ program and launches installment/lease/rent promotion for January
  21. 2021.12 Launches AI-based call center system “AI Automated Happy Call”
  22. 2021.12 Obtains “ISO37301” certificate for the first time in the industry
  23. 2021.12 Awarded “Outstanding Company” at the ESG Awards 2021 by Korea Corporate Governance Service
  24. 2021.11 HCS obtains A+ rating in the ESG evaluation for three years in a row
  25. 2021.11 Launches “K-Solution” program for Kia customers HCS obtains A+ rating in the ESG evaluation for three years in a row
  26. 2021.09 Issues KRW-denominated sustainable bonds worth 280 billion
  27. 2021.08 Hyundai Capital Services launches finance program exclusively for Kia EVs
  28. 2021.07 Hyundai Capital Services launches Hyundai Motor 'N'-exclusive car finance product 'N-FINANCE'"
  29. 2021.06 Launches a car lease product allowing customers to return without paying fees
  30. 2021.06 Wins recognition given by the Minister of Environment for its contribution to promoting green business
  31. 2021.06 Launches 'installment-like lease' product which combines benefits of installment and lease"
  32. 2021.05 Launches 'installment-like lease' product which combines benefits of installment and lease"
  33. 2021.05 Signs an MOU applies to V2G pilot project for Jeju Special Self-Governing Province's business vehicles"
  34. 2021.04 Issues KRW-denominated green bonds worth 300 billion
  35. 2021.02 Issues global green bonds worth 600 million
  36. 2021.01 Launches Genesis-exclusive finance product 'Hyundai Capital G-FINANCE'
  1. 2020.10 Issues KRW-denominated green bonds worth 200 billion
  2. 2020.09 Participates in a feasibility study for on-demand charging service
  3. 2020.06 Issues CHFdenominated green bonds worth 300 million
  4. 2020.06 Issues KRWdenominated sustainable bonds worth 230 billion
  5. 2020.04 Launches AI-enabled “vehicle image reading system”
  6. 2020.04 Hyundai Capital achieves '50 trillion' in Global assets
  7. 2020.03 Introduces global IT standard platform
  8. 2020.02 Hyundai Capital Bank Europe(HCBE) enters into an agreement to acquire Sixt Leasing SE's shares
  9. 2019.12 Issues KRWdenominated green bonds worth 200 billion
  10. 2019.10 Signs an MOU for leasing micro electric vehicles for mail delivery
  11. 2019.09 Opens “Digital Auto Finance” web site, which offers integrated auto finance services for new car purchases "
  12. 2019.07 Signs an MOU to introduce micro electric vehicles
  13. 2019.05 Signs an MOU to introduce eco-friendly delivery vehicles
  14. 2019.04 Issues KRWdenominated green bonds worth 300 billion
  15. 2019.04 Sets up Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil, BHCB
  16. 2019.01 Issues CHFdenominated green bond worth 200 million
  17. 2018.12 Launches digital-based used car loans
  18. 2018.07 Launched ‘Auto Book’, an AI-based used car price search service
  19. 2018.04 Launched "FCEV/EV leasae product" for the first time in the industry
  20. 2018.01 Signed a HCS-Korea Transportation Safety Authority-Seoul National University MOU to develop used car prices system utilizing AI
  1. 2017.09 Launched an ‘Actual Used Car in the Market’ search service
  2. 2016.12 Received Environment Ministry award for electric car promotion
  3. 2016.10 HCBE received the banking license from ECB for the first time as a non-EU financial institute
  4. 2016.05 Hyundai Capital issued kangaroo bond(amounts to 350 million Australian dollars)
  5. 2016.04 Renewed Hyundai Capital CI
  6. 2016.03 Issued First Korean Corporate Green Bond (amounts to $500 million)
  7. 2015.10 Launched lease program for small commercial vehicles
  8. 2015.02 Launched Korea's first Electric car Lease program
  9. 2015.01 S&P raised credit rating to A-(S)
  10. 2014.10 S&P raised credit rating to BBB+(P)
  11. 2014.01 HCUK, first-issued ABS in England as a Korean financial firm
  12. 2013.07 Completed construction of 'CASTLE OF SKYWALKERS', a multi-functional base camp of SKYWALKERS
  13. 2013.05 Hyundai Capital issued Asia's first kangaroo bond(amounts to 250 million Australian dollars)
  14. 2012.09 Moody's raised credit rating to Baa1(S)
  15. 2012.09 JCR raised credit rating to A+(S)
  16. 2012.09 Established BHAF(Beijing Hyundai Auto Finance) with Beijing Automobile Works
  17. 2012.07 Hyundai Capital to merge GE Capital Korea
  18. 2012.07 Established Hyundai Capital UK with Santander bank
  19. 2010.03 Domestic credit rating upgraded to AA+
  20. 2009.09 Established Hyundai Capital Germany GmbH with Santander bank
  21. 2005.11 Received BBB(S) credit rating from S&P
  22. 2005.08 Received Baa3(S) credit rating from Moody's
  23. 2005.02 Received A-(S) credit rating from JCR
  24. 2004.08 Formed strategic alliance with GE Capital
  25. 1999.01 Changed company name to HYUNDAI CAPITAL SERVICES, Inc.
  26. 1995.04 Changed company name Hyundai Financial Services Co.
  27. 1993.12 Founded Hyundai Auto Finance Co. Ltd
Location of Headquarter
14, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (GRAND CENTRAL)
  • Bus : Sungnyemun Station 7011, 402, 405, 708, 799, 103, 105, 173, 201, 202, 261, 262, 400, 401, 406, 701, 704, 7017, 7021, 7022, N75, N15, N16, N30
  • Subway : Exit 4 of Seoul Station on Line 1