Corporate Culture

Hyundai Capital’s competitiveness is not limited to numerical results such as number of employees,
business performance and market share. Our corporate culture is what completes our competitiveness.
The corporate culture is what makes Hyundai Capital unique and also is the way we work.

Company Slogan

  • Strategy + Execution
    There can be no execution without strategy and
    no strategy without execution.
  • Speed
    Speed is the only variable separating winners
    and losers in the final match.
  • Never-ending Change
    Existence requires continuous change.
  • Diverse yet United
    Top-level organizations are built
    upon diverse elements working together in tandem.

There is no execution without strategy and no strategy without execution at Hyundai Capital.
And whether the execution can be successful or not depends on speed. Without sticking to the answer
we found yesterday, we try to answer new questions and pursue diversity by bringing rapid changes
and meeting the challenges we face today. This is how we work at Hyundai Capital.

Hyundai Capital's new strategy, 'digital innovation' applies to its corporate culture. We have put
in place the rules such as 'Zero PPT' which helps our reporting process more efficient and
'1/2 Meeting' which makes sure meetings finish before 30 minutes as part of 'Simplification' campaign
to focus on what is really important and get work done in a way that we can be most efficient.

Also, by having schemes promoting efficient decision-making and communication such as 'Market Place'
which allows all the executives of the company to get together and work together every second
Thursday of the month and 'Home & Away' which brings members of two different divisions together
to talk about their status and issues, Hyundai Capital wants to make sure that 'Simplification'
is not just a mantra, but an important part of its corporate culture.

Hyundai Capital continues to create a flexible and efficient working environment which is hard to
find in the conventional financial sector. Most recently, it introduced a business casual dress
code to help its employees work better in the digital work environment and opened spaces on the
premises where employees can take a nap or rest during working hours.

Corporate culture can be strong when it is built on employees' pride, not systems or schemes.
People with pride work passionately and an organization for which passionate employees work
can grow. Hyundai Capital will continue to make effort to make its employees proud based on
a belief that the more organizations develop themselves, the bigger synergy the company can create.