Corporate Culture

Hyundai Capital’s competitiveness is not limited to numerical results such as number of employees,
business performance and market share. Our corporate culture is what completes our competitiveness.
The corporate culture is what makes Hyundai Capital unique and also is the way we work.

Company Slogan

  • Strategy + Execution
    There can be no execution without strategy and
    no strategy without execution.
  • Speed
    Speed is the only variable separating winners
    and losers in the final match.
  • Never-ending Change
    Existence requires continuous change.
  • Diverse yet United
    Top-level organizations are built
    upon diverse elements working together in tandem.

There is no such thing as 'execution without strategy' or 'strategy without execution' at Hyundai Capital.
The critical element to determine success or failure of the execution is speed. Instead of staying with answers of yesterday,
we are seeking for new answers to new questions by making changes swiftly and challenging new opportunities to pursue diversity.
This is how Hyundai Capital works.

Hyundai Capital is changing and growing fast in the global arena.
At the center of the change, there is a unique corporate culture.
Corporate culture is not just the way how we think and work but also strategic competitiveness for new attempts and innovation.

We have adopted ways of work to maximize efficiency by focusing on the core as shown in 'HM', a weekly venue for all of the leadership to have in-depth discussions on key issues and to promote execution, and 'One-Paper Report' in which only key messages are presented in the most efficient way.

We are spreading our own corporate culture by continuously developing and implementing policies to promote communication and increase synergies.
Cases in point are 'Townhall Meeting' where management and employees of headquarters/branches/overseas entities freely express their opinions and have conversations in a casual atmosphere, and 'Cross-functional Meeting' where people from different functions exchange ideas, gain better understanding about each other's jobs, gain insights and come up with collaboration points.

Keeping up with the changing digital environment, to induce efficiency through autonomy and innovation through flexibility, we have applied a dress code based on the 'beauty of moderation' which is the fundamental nature of financing and the 'beauty of refinement', and implemented flexible work hours which allow employees to adjust their work hours based on their job characteristics or personal situations.
In addition, to make the best work environment for employees,
we have operated flexible lunch hours and rest areas which are available anytime during working hours.

Reflecting the identity of a global, digital company and the New Normal trend, we have applied flexible work arrangements such as working from home, virtual meeting, etc. Also, we have innovated career systems such as Global Career Market which provides employees opportunities to apply for domestic or global job transfers, and put in place a variety of online classes and communication venues to narrow the generation gap and improve their understanding of work.

The true power of corporate culture comes not from well-designed policies but from employees' immersion and pride.
Based on the belief that an organization in which individuals work with passion will keep growing, and that such growing organization will bring a greater synergy to the company, Hyundai Capital will continue its efforts.