Way of Working

At Hyundai Capital Services(HCS), we believe a corporation is where “Together, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results".
We therefore fully recognize the significance of corporate culture as the cornerstone of the organization’s strong performance,
and are dedicated to nurturing a way of working built upon the following 6 Core Actions, in order to enable our employees to achieve the maximum synergy possible.

The 6 Core Actions are a detailed set of behavior that clearly defines “the way we work” and the path we need to take to create a better organization.
HCS aims to play a role much like that of a startup within HMG, nimble and inspiring, and to embed a corporate culture of innovation based upon
“the way we work at HCS.”

6 Core Actions

  • One Team Spirit | Share information freely and completely

    The biggest obstacle to a company’s success is the disconnect arising out of failure to collaborate or monopolizing of inform ation.
    In order to achieve the company’s goals, all members must be willing to share and circulate their information with the rest of the organization.
    This “One Team” mindset is essential in order to work together toward the single goal of achieving robust performance of the company.

  • Focus on Essentials | Eliminate unnecessary work to focus on the core

    The more complex and numerous the processes involved, the more the organization gets tied up in bureaucracy.
    The more the time and energy spent on unnecessary tasks, the more likely we are to overlook important jobs.
    In other words, the key is to understand the core and to not waste resources on pointless work.
    To this end, we must identify and remove unwarranted or redundant procedures, and make meaningful impact by delegating duties
    wherever necessary to enhance work efficiency.

  • Fearless Adventure | Embrace bold challenges and learn from mistakes

    Everyone is afraid to fail, especially more so in a corporate setting. But if fear of failure stops you from even trying, no improvement can be made.
    In order to encourage employees to challenge themselves, the company must be tolerant of failure.
    Only in such environment can we set tough goals and take on new endeavors with confidence.
    After all, it is important to rise to new challenges by looking for ways to make something work instead of reasons why it won’t,
    and gain valuables lessons through the occasional fall.

  • Think outside the Box | Show courage to take the unfamiliar path and propose new ideas

    At the workplace, so much is done in the same way as it has been before.
    A company that aspires to the next level, however, questions whether the ways of the past are still relevant today.
    We need the courage to ask ourselves whether something used to be right but is now wrong,
    to challenge our ways of work and make bold proposals for change, and to try out new ideas that may become a game changer for the industry.

  • Fast Owner | Take end-to-end ownership and achieve the goal with speed

    A work begun but not finished does not amount to anything, except to a waste of time and resources.
    Tasks assigned must be accomplished with a clear sense of ownership.
    Also, speedy delivery of tangible results is evidence of an individual’s competitive edge.
    The more challenging the task, the faster you need to review it and get feedback in order to move forward.
    When having achieved the goal by working at a speedy and steady pace, you will also realize the personal progress you have made along the way.

  • Customer First | Commit to understanding and prioritizing the customer

    Every product or service in the market waits to be chosen by the customer.
    A product created purely based on what works for the company or a specific team without the customer in mind is not likely to be a popular pick.
    By taking a step back from the corporate angle to identify and satisfy the needs of customers from their perspective,
    we can become the customers’ choice while driving sustained growth of the company at the same time.