HR Philosophy

  • Diversity
    Staff with diverse backgrounds and capabilities
  • Innovation Leading
    HR disseminating the innovator’s DNA
  • Market Principle
    Career development based on a market economy
  • Globally United
    Global One Company

Hyundai Capital is a place where talented people with different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences and capabilities come and work together. This is our unique competitive edge in leading relentless change and innovation. We give an opportunity for our employees to develop their capabilities on their own and choose what they want to do with the support of our HR systems which work like a market economy such as ‘Career Market’. We are bringing the same opportunity to our global entities and creating common HR systems shared by the Korean HQs and global entities to promote more talent exchange.
Making workplace diversity the first priority, Hyundai Capital is committed to finding applicants who have their own specialties, not just typical educational background, major or certificate. As a result, our employees who have built their expertise and career in diverse areas are working together, learning from each other’s new perspective and creating the synergy here at Hyundai Capital.

Also, for our new strategy in the digital era, we are bringing innovation to our HR systems which define a company’s DNA. Hyundai Capital removed instructor-led classroom training or mandatory training for employee promotion. Instead, we have created Basic/Advanced Digital Academy and opportunities for our employees to hear from experts in art & culture, science & technology, liberal arts and other various sectors (Open Class). They can choose learning opportunities that they want. We also got rid of the number of years required for an employee in a certain job title to be qualified for promotion. Now we give everyone who is in their second year in a job title a promotion opportunity to make sure our top talent who has the ability to lead innovation in the rapidly changing business environment can take a leap forward and be motivated.

To achieve the goal of continuing our growth home and abroad and becoming the Global One Company, Hyundai Capital will continue to strive to become a company where top talent from all over the world can grow together with the company.