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외부제보 Hot-line 이란?

The company has outsourced the running of a whistleblowing hotline to
an outside law firm in order to protect the informer's identity.
Run separately from the Cyber Audit channel, the external hotline guarantees anonymity
by consulting external lawyers on the below issues:

Types of Misconduct

  • Work harassment
  • Illegal activities or misconduct by the company's suppliers
  • Financial transactions between employees
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unauthorized use/provision of customer information
  • Hacking or other illegal activities on company systems
  • Giving improper instructions
  • Receiving money & other valuables, improper gains
  • Confidential information leakage
  • Granting unfair benefits
  • Cartels
  • Acts damaging the interests of the company
  • Unfair business practices in general
  • Providing inappropriate gifts/entertainment
  • Embezzlement or misappropriation
  • Any other violations of the law

More About External Hotline

  • Anonymity and
    confidentiality guaranteed
    From receiving the report to carrying out the investigation, the external law firm takes care of the entire process, ensuring complete confidentiality. Anyone can file a report without concerns of his/her identity being disclosed.
  • Complaints handling and investigation by dedicated lawyers
    Dedicated lawyers at external law firms perform the whole process such as handling complaints and conducting investigations directly, which enables expertise and clarity of complaints handling
  • Informing the results and
    giving compensation
    The results of the investigation are notified to the person making the complaint within a short period of time. Compensation may be given depending on the results of the Compensation Review Committee. The compensation money is also paid through the law firm, ensuring absolute anonymity.

Whistleblowing Channels

Aside from the official homepage, you can make reports via the below channels.