Press Release

Shopping and Car-sharing at emart in one go 2018.07.23
HCS’s car-sharing plat, ‘Delivery Car’, announced on 23rd that it has launched a ‘pick-up car-sharing’ service in partnership with emart that allows the user to pick up a delivery car conveniently at an emart pick-up zone. Backed up by competitiveness in delivery service, Delivery Car has acquired more than 400,000 members within only eight months after the release of the service last year. In partnership with 200 small and medium-sized rental car companies nationwide, Delivery Car designed a business model where Delivery Car takes the responsibility for plat and marketing while rental car companies, vehicle operation and maintenance. The model is capturing attention as a win-win model for both large companies and small and medium-sized companies. The ‘pick-up car-sharing’ service allows the user to book a car in the delivery car application and pick up the car in a pick-up zone in emart parking lots. The pick-up zones are located in nine emart stores for the customer to hire and return a vehicle. The nine emart stores are located in the Seoul metropolitan area (Mokdong, Sangbong, Eunpyeong, Myeongil, Gayang, Seongsu, and Cheonggyecheon stores in Seoul as well Bucheon Joongdong branch in Gyeonggi). A pick-up zone for electric vehicles will be installed once electric power charging facilities are built in Jeju and Gangwon. Diverse vehicle types are available, ranging from compact, medium, large vehicles, and to SUV. The service hours to hire and return a vehicle are from 10 am to 10 pm and will be extended to 24 hours a day. The customer who wants to use the ‘pick-up car-sharing’ service can book a car in the delivery car application. The minimum hour to use is one hour and the use time can be extended by ten minutes. Diverse promotions are run to celebrate the service opening. The benefits include ‘delivery car’ vouchers and ‘emart discount’ vouchers for those who subscribe to membership at emart stores, emart malls, and delivery car application. A Delivery Car official said, “Delivery Car’s pick-up model aims to offer new and convenient mobility experiences. We will expand the service to emart stores across the nation by first half of next year in an effort to create a new mobility market with emart.” The Delivery Car application can be downloaded in Google Play and Apple App Store. The user can book and use a car once he becomes a member after completing a simple authentication process. More ination is available at Delivery Car home page (